Argus clients and flow-tools

Mike Iglesias iglesias at
Wed Sep 13 13:57:38 EDT 2017

On 09/11/2017 04:17 PM, Carter Bullard wrote:
> Well, we do assume that its a “ .a “ file that we should be looking for if we don’t get any hints from an ft-config file.
> Because we need ftlib.h to build against you may need source … be sure and check to see if these distros provide ftplib.h …
> If they do, then the code that needs to be changed is in acsite.m4, in the routine AC_QOSIENT_FLOWTOOLS around line 477 …
> It maybe a simple substitution to look for instead of libft.a … but I’m sure there is a better way …
> Let me look out our RHEL systems to see if there is a simple approach …
> If you get excited, checkout acsite.m4, make some changes, then run autoconf to get a new configure script …

I looked at the configure script and figured out what was needed for
ft-config.  I made a perl script to output what was needed to make configure
use the .so file instead of the .a.

I put the perl script in the directory with the argus-clients-ver directory
and called it ft-config.  Calling configure like this made it work:

export FT_CONFIG
./configure --with-libft=yes

Here's the perl script:


use Getopt::Long;

my $libs;
my $alibs;
my $static;
my $cflags;

GetOptions ("libs" => \$libs,
	    "additional-libs" => \$alibs,
	    "static" => \$static,
	    "cflags" => \$cflags );

if ($libs) {
	print " -lft ";


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