argus-3.0.8 official

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Fri Sep 5 07:28:24 EDT 2014

Thanks for all your work Carter. It is really nice to see your commitment
with Argus and its users.
Congrats for 3.0.8!

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Carter Bullard <carter at> wrote:

> Gentle people,
> I’ve put the release of argus-3.0.8 as stable.  Had to just push it out
> the door.
> There are still a number of things to do for the web site, and, so if
> anyone
> finds something they think needs work on, especially documentation, we can
> add that to the web site, such as a Changes page, etc….  Of course, we’ll
> fix things as they come up.
> I’ll send something to argus-announce later today, tomorrow.
> In a month or so, we’ll start up on 3.0.9.  On the list of features
> is better retrans/loss reporting and packet size distribution reporting.
> We’ll be moving more support for new L2 protocols, especially VXLan
> and other SDN style headers into argus as the demand requires.
> I am planning on a supported commercial version of Argus, which is
> where most of the performance and real new features will be going
> in 2014-2015.  But freebie argus is still alive and kicking so to speak.
> Thanks for all the support, and patience !!!
> Carter
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