argus-3.0.8 official

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Sep 3 13:23:18 EDT 2014

Gentle people,
I’ve put the release of argus-3.0.8 as stable.  Had to just push it out the door.
There are still a number of things to do for the web site, and, so if anyone
finds something they think needs work on, especially documentation, we can
add that to the web site, such as a Changes page, etc….  Of course, we’ll
fix things as they come up.

I’ll send something to argus-announce later today, tomorrow.

In a month or so, we’ll start up on 3.0.9.  On the list of features
is better retrans/loss reporting and packet size distribution reporting.
We’ll be moving more support for new L2 protocols, especially VXLan
and other SDN style headers into argus as the demand requires.

I am planning on a supported commercial version of Argus, which is
where most of the performance and real new features will be going
in 2014-2015.  But freebie argus is still alive and kicking so to speak.

Thanks for all the support, and patience !!!

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