Small configure issue with argus 3.0.8

Jesse Bowling jessebowling at
Sun Sep 14 20:58:22 EDT 2014


I use a custom libpcap library (PF_RING) which normally installs the library in /usr/local/lib, and a header file (pcap.h) in /usr/local/include. In the past I’ve had no issues compiling argus against this library. I recently found that now I do have an issue compiling, specifically in that configure is unable to find the pcap.h file. Looking in the configure script starting around line 8480, I see that the --with-libpcap option checks for both the libpcap.a file AND the pcap.h file in the same directory. My workaround is to specify both directories:

./configure --with-libpcap=/usr/local/lib --with-libpcap=/usr/local/include

I suspect either a specific option for the includes directory (such as --with-libpcap-includes) or to check both $dir and $dir/../include for this option. Not sure what changed from previous versions!



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