MySQL support for Argus

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue Sep 16 09:43:01 EDT 2003

Hey John,
   Thanks!!!!  If you are interested in having it as a part of
the argus release, only two things.  We'll need to package it
as a tar file, which will be in the contrib directory with
you as the contact for fixes etc...., and it will have to be
released under the GNU license.  If you're cool with that,
then we'll add it to the argus-clients release when you're

   I'm sure that most can imagine how having a schema and
import/export/query tools can really help using argus data,
especially for Java and Perl/Python users, but can you
describe how its helped you in developing your application(s)?

Hope all is very well!!!


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> Subject: MySQL support for Argus
>   For those of you that are interested, I have developed 'ramysql'
> which imports Argus files into a MySQL database.  I saw that MySQL
> support was on the "wish list" of features for Argus.  If anyone is
> interested in the code please drop me a line.  I'd also be interested
> in knowing how people intend to use the database so I can design the
> schema appropriately.
>   I worked with Carter while I was a graduate student at Carnegie
> Mellon.  I'm currently using Argus as the backend to a web based
> network traffic monitoring system.
>         John Studarus

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