Data Visualization

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Aug 21 20:34:35 EDT 2002

Hey Shadgun,
   Flowscan does indeed support argus data, so that would be your
best bet at immediate graph support.  The ragraph code
that is in the old argus-clients directory, is, ..., old.  While
I have an update coming, the new argus-clients package is about
2 weeks late, and another 2 weeks away.

   And the excel.rc file is in ./support/Config.


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> Hello All,
> I am seeking options to visually display data that argus captures. 
> The goal is some visual representation of the amount of 
> P2P/IM traffic that is passing through a given interface. A 
> quick perusal of the mailing list 
> unearthed several posibilities, however I don't see explicit 
> detail on these...
> I am capturing data using the following command-line: 
> /usr/local/sbin/argus -P 561 -U 128 -JRS 30 -w argus.out
> I have attempted to use ragraph from the argus-clients 
> package, but I get the following message: ragraph -M hourly 
> -r argus.out - tcp and dst port 1080 or dst port 1214 or dst 
> port 5517 or dst port 8000 or dst port 8016 or dst port 8080 
> or dst port 8085 or dst port 8200 or dst port 8600
> /usr/local/bin/ragraph: unable to update 
> `/tmp/ragraph-histogram.rrd': illegal attempt to update using 
> time 0 when last update time is 1029232799 (minimum one second step)
> I see that there is some mention of exporting this data to 
> Excel, utilizing excel.rc, but I don't seem to find that file 
> in any of the packages I've downloaded and compiled. 
> (argus-2.0.5.tar.gz, argus-clients-2.xxxxx)
> I've also seen that Dave Plonka's flow-scan is soon to 
> support argus data, but the code doesn't seem to be available 
> and the README is dated Jan. of 2002.
> Can anyone enlighten me as to the options that are currently 
> available?

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