Using Argus for data billing

Andrew Pollock andrew-argus at
Sun Aug 18 22:12:11 EDT 2002


I'm evaluating the use of Argus for tracking data usage. We have two types of
clients we'd like to track useage for, clients with hosted webservers and
clients that receive connectivity through us.

We only charge for inbound data, but would be interested in seeing data sent and
received, just for statistical purposes.

If I'm understanding things correctly now (which may well not be the case), if I
wanted to see how much data was delivered to a webserver, I could go:

# ra -r argus.log - dst webserver

or to get a nice total

# racount -r argus.log - dst webserver

and look at the src bytes count.

Is my understanding of the use of racount correct?

How do other people on the list actually put argus to work for them? Anyone want
to share their implementation and usage stories?



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