Data Visualization

shadgun at shadgun at
Thu Aug 15 03:44:25 EDT 2002

Hello All,

I am seeking options to visually display data that argus captures. 
The goal is some visual representation of the amount of P2P/IM traffic that
is passing through a given interface. A quick perusal of the mailing list 
unearthed several posibilities, however I don't see explicit detail on these...

I am capturing data using the following command-line:
/usr/local/sbin/argus -P 561 -U 128 -JRS 30 -w argus.out

I have attempted to use ragraph from the argus-clients package, but I
get the following message:
ragraph -M hourly -r argus.out - tcp and dst port 1080 or dst port 1214 or dst port 5517 or dst port 8000 or dst port 8016 or dst port 8080 or dst port 8085 or dst port 8200 or dst port 8600
/usr/local/bin/ragraph: unable to update `/tmp/ragraph-histogram.rrd': illegal attempt to update using time 0 when last update time is 1029232799 (minimum one second step)

I see that there is some mention of exporting this data to Excel, utilizing
excel.rc, but I don't seem to find that file in any of the packages I've
downloaded and compiled. (argus-2.0.5.tar.gz, argus-clients-2.xxxxx)

I've also seen that Dave Plonka's flow-scan is soon to support argus data, but the code doesn't seem to be available and the README is dated Jan. of 2002.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the options that are currently available?

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