ARGUS list archive

David J Brumley dbrumley at
Mon Aug 12 12:40:36 EDT 2002

Hello All,
As you may know, I archive the argus mailing list at  I also archive the YASSP and UNISOG
mailing list there also.

Securify has always been generous enough to provide the machine and
host the server.  Recently they've decided to discontinue this service
in order to cut costs.

Due to this event, I'm now looking for someone to recommend a low cost
colo, or perhaps volunteer a server to host this site or DNS zone.
I'd rather keep the site on a dedicated server, as it would be
embaressing to have the site inadvertantely hacked. In any case, you
may notice some down time as I move the service.

In other news, I no longer work for the Stanford security. I've chosen
to put my efforts into full time research with the CS department at

David Brumley

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