Argus logfile consistency checker?

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon Aug 5 06:50:24 EDT 2002

Hey Andrew,
   You can save the file up to the error record by just
running ra:

   ra -r bad.file -w newfile

but we don't have anything for getting the rest of the
file.  If your file isn't too large ( < 100M) , I can
give recovery a try.  We haven't had that many corrupt
files to push for any recovery strategies, but it
shouldn't be that hard to do.

Any idea how the file got corrupted?  So far, 90%
of all corrupt files have been two argi writing to
the same file, which is not a good thing to do.


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> Hi,
> I had my test server crash the other day, and the argus.log 
> file from that day causes the r tools to segfault after 
> reading partway through the file.
> Is there any way I can salvage the usable portion of the logfile?
> Andrew

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