Anyone seen any corrupt argus output files?

Carter Bullard carter at
Fri Jul 13 11:08:10 EDT 2001

Gentle people,
   Not much on the mailing list, I hope that means that
all is well, an all quiet on the digital front ;O)

   I found an argus data file on one of our test machines
last night that had a single record that was corrupt.
Reading it with any type of ra* program caused a segfault.
We had this problem before on some very heavily loaded
machines, but a few fixes seemed to have solved the problem,
until now?  I'm interested in whether anyone has had
corrupt data file problems recently?

   As far as I can tell, about 8 bytes of data are
whacked out, just in the critical header area.  This
is where the record length field is, so everything gets
out of alignment.

   With this example file, I'll put in a fix to recover
from a corrupt record (auto recovery/framing) so we can
get through it.  Any suggestions on what a ra* program
should do if it finds a corrupt record and skips it?

Again, hope all is well!!!


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