Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Jul 11 13:15:41 EDT 2001

Gentle people,
is available.  This has some significant improvements and 
additions, so do pay some attention to this release.

All of the ra* client functionality should now be ported
to the new foundation.  All record types are now supported
by ra, and I would like to move to these tools as the base
toolset, if possible. 

There is a significant change to the memory model of
rahistogram(), a program used by ragraph().  This program did
have problems with large data sets. It is now much better
using only a fraction of the memory before.

Also I removed the -O2 references, until I can find the
source of our gcc optimizer bug.

Do take a look at the fundamental tools, to make sure
that the results that ra, rasort, etc... generate
are appropriate.



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