Memory Problems in Argus-1.8

Carter Bullard cbullard at
Wed Apr 5 12:53:49 EDT 2000

Hey Neil,
   Well this is serious.  Has anyone else had
a memory leak/bloat problem with Argus?


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>        I have not had any problems with memory
>     and Argus, even letting it run for months
>     at a time.  There are issues with ra() reading
>     records for long periods, as it tries to build
>     internal tables of the addresses that it has
>     seen.     Is Argus getting large, or is it the
>     client that is getting big?  Are you using the
>     1.8 argus?
>     No - it is argus that gets large - usually starts at 
> about 3M and grows
> to about 5M after a few days, then I forget about it and next 
> time I look it
> is 88M
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