Argus 1.8

Carter Bullard cbullard at
Tue Apr 4 12:30:57 EDT 2000

   Hmmmm.  Try this, if you still do not see any
records, send me a copy of your configuration file,
so I can debug it.

   Create a file of argus records that is not very large.
>From the files that you sent earlier, do something like

ra -w /tmp/test.out -r ${dir}/file tcp and host and port 1377

(in your results, there were a few records that matched this
 pattern.  the idea is to create a file "/tmp/test.out" with
 only a few records)

   Then run ra() against the "/tmp/test.out" file with
a policy file that has the bug.  Once we have that, then
you can send me the binary "/tmp/test.out" file and the
policy file.  I need both in order to debug the problem.

Best Regards,

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