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Thu Jan 14 03:26:34 EST 2021

Hi all,

First of all a happy new year.

My current goal is to aggregate certain netflows that have the same source IP, destination IP, destination port, protocol and happen in a 10 minute time intervall. Therefore I used rabins to aggregate the flows.
The command I used is "rabins -r input.biargus -M time 10m hard -m saddr daddr dport proto -P stime -F ra.conf > output.netflow".
However, I have some questions regarding rabins and the features it can generate and hoped if you could help me:

1. Is it possible to get the amount of different source ports used? After aggregating the flows with different source ports, the resulting source port of the bin was only "0". However a list of the used ports or the number of different ports that were used would be helpful. I observed such a behavior with the Label feature. After applying rabins, flows with different Labels were aggregated together and the resulted bin still had all labels as a comma separated list.

2. Is it possible to get a list of the time differences of the start times of two consecutive flows as a feature of the bin. I only know about the packet interarrival time. However, it would be nice to be able to calculate the absolute difference between two consecutive flows to analyze the periodicity.

3. As I mentioned in question 1, when using rabins, the labels of the flows are aggregated to a comma separated list. Since I standardly used "," as the seperator, this led to an error while reading the file as csv with pandas. Currently I am using another separator or is it possible to wrap the values of the columns in quotation marks so that parsing could still work?

4. Lastly, I am not sure if I understand the direction feature correctly. There are directions like "?>", "<?" and "<?>" additionally to "->", "<-" and "<->". Do the directions with "?" indicate that the origin of the flow is not entirely sure or does it have another meaning.

Thank you in advance for your effort.

Best regards,

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