Argus clients and flow-tools

Mike Iglesias iglesias at
Wed Sep 13 14:45:40 EDT 2017

On 09/13/2017 11:28 AM, Carter Bullard wrote:
> Hey Mike,
> Very cool.  It may not be something we can use for the distribution … but I’m very happy that it works for you.  I’m thinking that if the system isn’t providing the ft-config, not sure we’ll be able to completely “ figure it out “ for all circumstances ….  I do think I should add a “ -lft “ test up front …. Do you have a “ ftlib.h “ file somewhere on your system ???

On CentOS, the flow-tools-devel package puts it in /usr/include.  The
flow-tools stuff is in the EPEL repo, not the standard CentOS repo.


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