Small configure issue with argus 3.0.8

Jesse Bowling jessebowling at
Mon Sep 15 21:13:33 EDT 2014

Hi Carter,

Yes I believe it’s the latest, at least it’s the latest version I pulled off of /dev...Looking at It looks like those links go to version 3.0.6 for some reason...

Also, this may be a false alarm...I now believe that previously I simply issued “./configure” and that was sufficient to find the library...Indeed, compiling with just a bare configure works and ldd shows the correct library in /usr/local/lib being used...I think I was thrown off by the configure message "checking for local pcap library... not found” making me think my library wasn’t found...But it was!

So, if I specify the library path, compilation fails on linking, if I specify both paths on the configure line, everything compiles...



On Sep 15, 2014, at 3:30 PM, Carter Bullard <carter at> wrote:

> Hey Jesse,
> Is this with the now stable version of 3.0.8 ???
> I’m not sure what may have changed either, but with the
> packaging support that we put in, there could have been a
> change in the file ???
> Is PF_RING putting things in the same place that libpcap is installing???
> Could be their issue if they changed something ??  
> How does it fail ???  Just complains that it can’t find a libpcap ???
> Does the workaround work ???
> I’ll want to document your workaround, and then make some changes for
> the eventual patch version.
> Sorry for any inconvenience !!!!
> Carter
> On Sep 14, 2014, at 8:58 PM, Jesse Bowling <jessebowling at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I use a custom libpcap library (PF_RING) which normally installs the library in /usr/local/lib, and a header file (pcap.h) in /usr/local/include. In the past I’ve had no issues compiling argus against this library. I recently found that now I do have an issue compiling, specifically in that configure is unable to find the pcap.h file. Looking in the configure script starting around line 8480, I see that the --with-libpcap option checks for both the libpcap.a file AND the pcap.h file in the same directory. My workaround is to specify both directories:
>> ./configure --with-libpcap=/usr/local/lib --with-libpcap=/usr/local/include
>> I suspect either a specific option for the includes directory (such as --with-libpcap-includes) or to check both $dir and $dir/../include for this option. Not sure what changed from previous versions!
>> Cheers,
>> Jesse

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