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Carter Bullard carter at
Mon Nov 25 12:46:25 EST 2013

Gentle people,
New software is available on the developers site.  This is a big push
to release, and the packages fix all bugs reported to the mailing list.
Argus fixes some direction issues with ARP transactions, and the clients
fix a number of issues with filters, radium management records, and
adds xz decompression for argus data files.  Many changes to manpages,
and there should be new scripts for updating IANA RIR data fetching,
to maintain the delegated ip address tables.   There is improvement in
GeoIP database use, with some extensions added based on changes in
the API.  The code is in the standard places:

Please give these a run, and if there are any problems, get those
complaints in there, so we can release 3.0.8 by the end of the year.

Hope all is most excellent,


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