Starting out

Paul Halliday paul.halliday at
Thu Feb 7 17:48:30 EST 2013

What I am looking to do is have argus provide  5 (or 10 or 30) minute
files in a structure like this: y/y-m/y-m-d/y-m-d.H.M.S

So I thought I kinda knew what I was doing

Calling argus like: argus -u argus -g argus -P 561 -d -i em0
and rasplit like: rasplit -M time 5m -w

Worked great. I then went to create an rc script to start the works on
boot and noticed that rasplit didn't have a daemon mode. This led me
to believe that this isn't how I should be going about things. Then I
started reading about radium. Confused.

I am a newb coming from flowtools where the structure I outlined above
was pretty much how things played out.

The sensors will be standalone and I am not interested in centralized
collection/aggregation. I need as much historical data as possible
(FIFO after the disk fills) and will be creating summary data for
pretty much everything as well.

How should I go about this with argus? Better ways?


Paul Halliday

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