Problem with source labels

David lists at
Wed Dec 4 17:02:24 EST 2013


I am just trying out a new argus install, using argus and

To reproduce my problem I run argus like so:

argus -e \"1234\" -w - | ra -s +srcid

This always seems to print the srcid value as an IP address, regardless
of what source ID is set.  This is the same whether the source ID is
numeric (e.g. 1234) or alphanumeric (A123).

I have tried multiple ways of escaping the quotes but I don't think this
is the problem.  To verify the argument was being parsed I edited the
ArgusParseSourceID function and validated that it calls setArgusID with
a type of ARGUS_TYPE_STRING.  A debug print of optarg in this function
shows the correct 4 characters.

Is there something unusual happening with the client code, or am I doing
something wrong?


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