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Carter Bullard carter at
Fri Dec 7 10:49:11 EST 2012

Gentle people,
I've uploaded the new development image of the argus clients.  This fixes
all the issues that have been presented on the email list, that I am aware of,
and adds color support for ratop().

This version has significant bug fixes for netflow v9.  At this point, I believe that
ra* reading of netflow v9 is fully functional and working well.  But we still need
more testing, use, so If you have any problems, please send email, as this
support is important to more than a few.

ratop() is a complete rewrite, with more threads, better curses library support,
better use of editline or readline, and better functionality when neither  are
available.  AND, of course, COLOR !!!!  The ./support/Config/rarc has all the
variables needed to use color, and there is a sample racolor.conf file provided.
Paths to this file is important, so when you decide to use color, play with the
rarc and racolor.conf, to see what works for you.

Documentation is not complete, but as you guys point out problems, I'll fix
as I can.  After we get the documentation developed a bit, I'll work toward
releasing argus[-clients]-3.0.8.

Many, many small bug fixes, PCRE support, better readline library discovery
and use, so lots to digest, but like all releases, this should be completely
backward compatible with prior versions of argus data, etc….

Please take a look, and send any comments, reactions, opinions and of course
results !!!!  If your bug, or issue, has not be resolved, please send a note to
either me, or the list, and I'll address it.

Hope all is most excellent,


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