new clients on the dev site

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon Oct 3 22:50:27 EDT 2011

Gentle people,
argus-clients- has been uploaded to the developer site:

This release fixes bugs reported on the mailing list, especially with regard to time filter bugs.

There are a number of features that people have asked for, such as counter roll-over flushing,
as well as some older requests for packet size distribution reporting, which is still coming.
While flow-tools support has been completed, the sflow and netflow v9 record support is
not finished yet.  I am considering releasing the new clients and server argus, without finishing
all the new features, as we've got stability now, we've fixed quite a number of bugs, and
3.0.4 seems so long ago.

Suggestions on release now would be greatly appreciated,
Hope all is most excellent,

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