Reproduceable bug - segfault when using -t as last option and an empty filter

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon Oct 3 11:23:34 EDT 2011

Hey Elof,
Sorry for the delayed response.  Yep, found it, fixed it.  Will be in argus-clients- later today.
It tried to test if the next parameter was a valid time specification or a filter, and didn't bother to
test if it was NULL or not.  

Thanks !!!!!!!


On Sep 26, 2011, at 10:15 AM, elof2 at wrote:

> The segfault is reproduceable every time and occur both FreeBSD 7.4 i386 and amd64.
> ARGUS:   Argus Version
> RA:      Ra Version
> To generate a segfault, simply run a ra-command with a timerange (-t NN)
> option as the last option, then add a trailing dash (-) to separate the commandline options from the bpf-like filter, but add no filter.
> Three examples:
> ra -Zb -nr argus.log -t 15:26:32
> no error, I see lots of output.
> ra -Zb -nr argus.log -t 15:26:32 -
> Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)   <-----
> ra -Zb -nr argus.log -t 15:26:32 - not ip
> no error, I see lots of arp and llc packets.
> My guess is that the trailing dash is interpreted as being part of the -t timerange and not as a delimiter/separator.
> /Elof

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