FloCon 2012, be there

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Mon Nov 7 12:35:06 EST 2011

Gentle People,
I will be giving a 1/2 day tutorial at FloCon 2012 this year, entitled "From Packet to Alarm: Real Time Situtational Awareness using Argus", which will trace how the Argus architecture and tools support this type of awareness.  That should be on Mon Jan 9th, in Austin Tx.  I'm also going to give a presentation on behavior monitoring metrics that are in the new argus-3.x source code, describing packet dynamics sensing in Argus, and how to use those metrics in some interesting situations. 

We are also planning to hold at least one BOF on database support for large scale flow processing, so please consider coming to Austin, Tx, Jan 9-12, 2012, to talk about argus.

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