Radium to multiple Argi on the same host

Phillip Deneault deneault at WPI.EDU
Thu Aug 5 15:37:13 EDT 2010

In situations where multiple Argi are running on the same sensor, which
is being collected by a Radium instance on a server, is there a good way
to either designate the destination directories and/or set the $srcid in
such a way as to allow radium to separate the flows on its own?

I can hard code an integer ID number into the monitor id of each Argi,
but then I need to keep some external list.  I don't think using the IP
or hostname will work since the directory structure will probably be
identical for the two without a further index of some kind.

I tried setting an arbitrary string... just on the off-chance it might
work, but was unsuccessful.


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