latest argus?

Peter Moody peter.moody at
Wed Mar 8 14:36:24 EST 2006

So the latest version of argus from the site is argus-2.0.6.  This is
from May of 2004.  There are @diety knows how many patches applied to
this which have, to my knowledge, only been posted to the mailing

There was a "release" of a 2.0.6-fixes on Feb 23 of this year, but
there already appears to have been two *large* patches sent in to the
list, so we're back to a situation where what's posted is not what's

I really like argus and its capabilities, but it's very hard to stay
current when current means constantly patching from the mailing list
(not to mention when current means options changing meaning...).

So, is there an official version somewhere?  Is the official version
actually 2 years old and everything on the mailing list is just bonus?
 Are there plans to have an official version?  Can I hope for options
to maintain meaning between versions, or at least be slowly deprecated
w/ warning?



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