oddities with ramon

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Apr 5 00:36:44 EDT 2005

Hi Harry,

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 00:09 -0400, Harry Hoffman wrote:
> Hi All,
> Very new to both Argus and the list.
> I've read through quite a bit of the list archives, the manuals, etc. 
> and cannot find the answer to what I'm looking for.
> I'm running Argus on one of my Internet facing links and using 
> argusarchive create hourly gzip'd archives in 
> If I run the command:
> ramon -M TopN -N 10 -nnnr /dump/argus/argus.out
> then I get a list of 10 entries back

so you are saying that 
ramon -M TopN -N 10 -nnnr /dump/argus/YEAR/MONTH/DAY/FILENAME

does something different?

Are you sure you aren't running ra instead of ramon? I've done things
like that in the past!
> However if I try this on one of the archived files, I get what seems to 
> be all of the records in that file returned.
> Since ramon seems to have no trouble reading the gz archive I'm hoping 
> someone can shed some light on this matter.
> Also, I feel like I'm barely touching the tip of the iceberg with my use 
> of Argus. Are there any good write-ups of what others are doing?

Peter van Epp did a good write up for USENIX a few years back...

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