[ARGUS] ra stops unexpectedly

eric eric-list-argus at catastrophe.net
Thu Sep 30 12:13:16 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 11:38:09 -0400, Carter Bullard proclaimed...

> The problem is that if you aren't receiving MAR records,
> then the for argus is probably dead, and you won't receive
> anything ever again.
> So what's to keep the user from writing a script to respawn
> ra(), if that's what the user wants it do?  That's pretty easy
> isn't it?

#; restart ra()

while true
        /usr/local/argus/bin/ra -nn -w output - host foo
        logger -p daemon.crit ra restarting
        touch /var/run/ra.lock
        if [ ! -f /var/run/ra.lock ] ; then

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