[ARGUS] cleanup pcap vs bpf, add clients RPM

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Thu Sep 30 12:02:16 EDT 2004

Hey Mike,
Many of the include file changes you are suggesting refer to
includes that are more historical than anything else, and apply to
older versions of os's like irix, hp and solaris, and of course
several older versions of linux.  I have no idea if your
suggested changes will break anything, and I don't have access
to all the machines that will need to be tested to assure that
we're not breaking something.

So, should we change any of these things?  I'm not sure.  Are we
changing them because there is a real issue with these references
or is it just janitorial?

OK, we had the /usr argument years ago, and that was shot down,
so I don't see bringing that up again. I can add the rpm spec
file but without the /usr change?

I can see making sure that any major version number change
that we make has these changes in it.  So if you could break
out your patch so that at least one of them doesn't remove
anything then I can make your recommended changes.



> From: <slif at bellsouth.net>
> Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:19:29 -0400
> To: <argus-info at lists.andrew.cmu.edu>
> Subject: [ARGUS] cleanup pcap vs bpf, add clients RPM
> Here are two patches to 2.0.6.fixes.1 that were tested on:
>   Linux (Debian, Redhat 9, Fedora Core 2)
>   FreeBSD (4.9, 5.2.1)
> 1. creates a Redhat/Fedora RPM spec file for argus-clients
> 2. removes pcap and bpf headers from argus-clients include tree
> 3. replaces pcap.h for net/bpf.h, and removes all references to bpf.h
> 4. minor declaration cleanups.
> 5. removes references to client man pages from argus' RPM spec
> Files created:
>    lib/argus-clients.spec
> Files changed:
>    common/Makefile.in           no ref to bpf.h
>    common/argus_filter.c        no ref to bpf.h; hide static bpf_image
>    include/argus_filter.h       remove unnecessary define bpf_image
> Files deleted:
>    include/pcap.h
>    include/pcap-int.h
>    include/net/bpf.h
> These empty directories should be removed:
>    contrib/Argus-perl-2.00/blib
>    contrib/hostpairs.dist
>    man/man8
> This patch changes the way that the argus server is built,
> and includes changes to help build the RPM package on Linux.
> It should without change on RedHat 8.0, but has not been tested.
>   1. Linux doesn't need net/bpf.h
>      The issue of locating bpf.h or pcap-bpf.h is solved another way,
>      by using pcap.h and avoiding what ever name the pcap library wants to
>      call its internal header (!).  argus_filter.c already includes pcap.h.
>      Additionally, two of the Makefile.in files refer to a bpf/net/bpf.h,
>      which does not exist in the source trees.  References were removed.
>   2. The server base does not have client man pages
>      These are not included in the RPM package.
>   3. Move prefix in argus RPM spec from /usr/local to /usr
>      Some would argue for /usr/argus. Okay.
>   4. Create the RPM package within a /tmp build directory.
>      The Makefile will need to co-operate (honor DESTDIR) later.
>      Warning: the agent is still installed outside of the build root.
> Files changed:
>    Makefile.in                  no refs to missing man pages
>    lib/argus.spec               more stuff included
>    common/argus_filter.c        remove commented ref to bpf.h
>    common/gencode.c             include pcap.h in lieu of bpf.h
>    common/Makefile.in           no ref to bpf.h
>    server/Makefile.in           no ref to bpf.h
> Regards,
> -Mike Slifcak

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