[ARGUS] build with bison OR yacc

Peter Van Epp vanepp at sfu.ca
Wed Sep 29 17:32:19 EDT 2004

	Argus uses prefixes which didn't used to be supported by yacc (which 
is why bison is required). I don't know if that is still true (I expect so,
I don't think yacc has been changed in years).

Peter Van Epp / Operations and Technical Support 
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Canada

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 05:09:23PM -0400, slif at bellsouth.net wrote:
> I've wondered why bison is required.
> ASSERTION: If yacc is available, it should work as well as bison.
> If this assertion is true, apply the attached patches
> to the current (May 10 2004) releases of argus and argus-clients.
>   [2.0.6.fixes.1]
> If this assertion is false, please describe why.
> If you use "autoconf", apply the patches before you run "autoconf"..
> [The stupid web-based MTA that my ISP provides deletes the first
> attachment.  So, I've had to wrap both patches in a gzip'd tar file.]
> .

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