[ARGUS] Are we there yet?

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Fri Mar 19 08:12:28 EST 2004

Hey Andrew,
   I have to update the clients, or remove them and its good
to go.  Unfortunately I've been toooo busy, and I'm traveling
all this week(end) and next week.  I'll commit to having it
released on Friday of next week.

Sorry, but too many things tugging at once.


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Hi Carter,

Is the most recently release candidate of Argus good to go? I'm a few beta
releases behind in Debian, and for one reason or another, haven't packaged
up the release candidates to date. There's noise that a new stable release
of Debian is going to be released sooner rather than later, so I'd like to
make sure that it releases with an appropriate version of Argus.



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