MacOS Experiences

Scott A. McIntyre scott at
Wed Jan 28 18:29:35 EST 2004

--On Wednesday, January 28, 2004 12:37 -0500 Carter Bullard 
<carter at> wrote:

> Hey Eric,
>    I'm getting better performance using G5's than Xeon's
> primarily due to the little endian issues on Intel machines.
> Based on the traffic mix, as much as 3x performance.
> I've never seen a Mac under perform a comparable Intel
> box as an Argus probe, and I have seen it out perform
> on a regular basis.

I can agree with Carter on this one -- I regularly move argus flows to G4 
systems (no G5's at ready access to me, yet) with 10.3 to perform advanced 
analysis; many a DDoS were tracked and traced by doing this, whereas the 
Linux and FreeBSD based Xeons (including the "quad xeon") box took 
significantly longer to produce the same results, with more theoretical cpu 
power and ram.


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