Bug in ramon?

Jesper S. Jensen jesper.skou.jensen at uni-c.dk
Mon Sep 8 03:20:14 EDT 2003

Carter Bullard wrote:

> So the counts are accurate, but they end up scattered in multiple records.

Yea I figgured that much, just looked quite weird in the beginning.

>    One thing to do is to write your own perl script to eat
> the output of ramon() letting perl do the 64-bit variable
> thing.  Ragraph does this type of operation, but its buried
> deep in the script.

Good idea, Steve already did that I can se, thanks for that Steve.

>    One thing that may help is to pipe the output of ramon()
> to rasort() sorting on the 'saddr field'

Good idea, but I think the perl approach will work better.

>    64-bit integrated support will be a major release number,
> so it probably won't happen this year.

Bummer, ok.

 > More likely contributed perl scripts will happen before that!!!

Heh, ok.


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