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Andrew Pollock andrew-argus at
Thu May 15 23:06:25 EDT 2003

On Wed, May 14, 2003 at 06:51:21PM -0400, Carter Bullard wrote:
> Gentle people,
>    I have been remiss about reestablishing the
> argus mailing list archive.  David Brumley was
> gracious enough to do it for several years, and
> definitely a great THANKS to him for that support!!!!
> Its been about a year since theory group stopped
> their archive and so its about time I did something
> about restarting it.
>    Now, I have the server and all the old mail, but
> I need some suggestions of mail archive software
> that people like that I can use.  Any suggestions?

I run an archive of a few lists that I don't have any other involvement 
with, and I'm using mhonarc. It has some good address obfuscating options 
to help thwart address harvesters. I strongly urge you to make sure that 
however you implement the archive, it doesn't display the addresses in any 
readily harvestable format.


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