Linux ATM support

Carter Bullard carter at
Mon Dec 16 16:04:16 EST 2002

Hey Vaz,
Argus uses libpcap to get its packets.  If there is
a tcpdump that captures packets from your ATM interface,
then argus should work.  I have versions running on FORE/
Marconi ATM cards, so it does work with in some ATM
environments.   What version of libpcap are you using?

One thing you can do is compile argus with debug support
and run argus under gdb.   In the distribution root directory:

> touch .debug
> gmake clobber
> ./configure
> gmake
> gdb bin/argus_linux
gdb> run -Xi atm0

and see what happens.


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> Hi,
> Here at our lab we are developing a testbed and qe would like 
> to employ 
> the Argus to performance analysis. Unfortunaly wue are having 
> some trouble:
> One link we want to monitor is an ATM link. We are running RedHat 7.3 
> linux with ATM support. The argus version is argus-2.0-5.
> Whenever I choose the ARGUS_INTERFACE=atm0 option in the 
> /etc/argus.conf 
> the deamon dies and I couldn't even stop the service. The 
> process dies and 
> the service script cannot erase the lock file, so I must 
> delete it myself. 
> When I try the other interfaces (3 eth's) the deamon works well.
> Any clue? the Argus works fine with linux ATM?
> Best regards,
> -- 
> 	Saulo Vaz de Vasconcellos, MSc.
> 	Research - GTA/COPPE - Brazil
> 	tel: +55 21 2260-5010 ext. 240

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