Linux ATM support

Saulo Vaz de Vasconcellos vaz at
Mon Dec 16 14:06:04 EST 2002


Here at our lab we are developing a testbed and qe would like to employ 
the Argus to performance analysis. Unfortunaly wue are having some trouble:

One link we want to monitor is an ATM link. We are running RedHat 7.3 
linux with ATM support. The argus version is argus-2.0-5.

Whenever I choose the ARGUS_INTERFACE=atm0 option in the /etc/argus.conf 
the deamon dies and I couldn't even stop the service. The process dies and 
the service script cannot erase the lock file, so I must delete it myself. 

When I try the other interfaces (3 eth's) the deamon works well.

Any clue? the Argus works fine with linux ATM?

Best regards,

	Saulo Vaz de Vasconcellos, MSc.
	Research - GTA/COPPE - Brazil
	tel: +55 21 2260-5010 ext. 240

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