argus and multiple links

Mark Poepping poepping at
Thu Jul 19 11:06:53 EDT 2001

>    Either loss or retransmissions can be hard to recover.
> Argus does a lot of work to try to understand if there are
> TCP retransmissions.  Transmissions of ACK's are detectable
> based on "I've already seen this before", and if your round
> robining TCP data to 10 different argi, then the odds of you
> picking up ACK retransmissions is going to fail.

Do you really mean round-robin to a bunch of argi, or just
monintoring multiple, balanced links along a single path?
Do any of the balancing methods split a single flow across
multiple paths?  I suppose it can be done, but from what I've
seen of OSPF and cisco etherchannel, specific flows generally
follow the same path, so the retransmit foo will work (as long
as you don't have links flapping).


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