argus and multiple links

David Richardson drr at
Tue Jul 17 19:10:29 EDT 2001

(Apologies if this is a FAQ; I couldn't find it on the web site) What is
the current support for simultaneous monitoring of multiple links?

I need to monitor a set of four redundant, load balanced links. The links
are Gigabit Ethernet, and I plan to use optical splitters, resulting in
eight links to cover the full duplex connections.

While they aren't heavily utilized, I doubt I will be able to install 8
NIC's in a single workstation. It's quite likely that a single flow will
be spread across multiple links, and therefor could show up on multiple

- Within a single workstation, can Argus collate information from multiple
  NICs into a single flow?

- Can Argus collate information from multiple workstations into a single

- Does anyone have recommendations for platforms that are good at
  supporting multiple NICs in promiscuous mode?


 - David

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