client/server version compatability.

Carter Bullard carter at
Wed Jul 4 11:03:23 EDT 2001

Hey Scott,
   The alpha clients should work with any version
of argus, so if your getting coredumps, do send
some description of what you did so I can fix it.

   With a filter fix that we made in Argus-2.0.2
there is a potential client incompatibility with
Argus-2.0.2 clients and earlier servers.  What will
happen is that the client will pass a filter that
the server cannot parse, and the server will close
the connection.

   Earlier clients will generate a syntax error
parsing the filter before sending it to the server,
so all Argus-2.0.x clients are compatible.


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> Hi,
> What's the proper client/server compatability level at the 
> moment?  I keep getting coredumps and have lost track of 
> which ra-client versions (specifically, ratop) is supposed to 
> work with which server versions.
> The combination that dumps for me is:
> RaTop Version 2.0.1.alpha.6
> Argus Version 2.0.1
> Thanks!
> Scott

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