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Wed Jul 4 11:00:33 EDT 2001

Hey Olav,
   My understanding is that this is a kernel thing,
not an Argus requirement.  Assigning unroutable addresses,
such as or seems to work.  You should
be able to assign the same address to both interfaces.

   If this doesn't work, do send mail!!


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> Just downloaded and had a peek at Argus on our FreeBSD 4.3 
> box. The box has 1 NIC for normal network, and 2 NIC that 
> doesnt have an IP and just silently monitors ports on our switch. 
> Tried to start up Argus but it complained
> argus[87024]: ArgusInitSource: fxp1: no IPv4 address assigned
> Does Argus require an IP address for the NIC it will use or 
> is it any way to make this work?
> -- 
> Olav Langeland - olav.langeland at activeisp.com

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