argus-2.0.2 is available from the dev download area

Carter Bullard carter at
Tue Aug 14 08:37:36 EDT 2001

Gentle people,
   As a preview, argus-2.0.2 is now ready.  No
major surprises, bug fixes, knob tweaking and some
minor feature changes, as well as SASL compilation
support in ./configure.

   I've updated the primary documentation for
all the changes, but, I could have missed something,
so if you by any chance find something missing,
or out of place, or whatever, please send mail!!!

   I'm planning on officially releasing argus-2.0.2
on Friday.

Hope all is well!!!


Carter Bullard
QoSient, LLC
300 E. 56th Street, Suite 18K
New York, New York  10022

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