ramon question

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Sat Aug 11 10:24:44 EDT 2001

Hey David,
   Its bytes, but its easy for it to be any
value.  Just pipe the output to rasort, and
you'll get answer you were looking for.  Just
put the -N on the rasort, instead of the ramon.

So if you wanted to sort based on packets:
   ramon -M TopN -w - | rasort -s packets -N 20

In this case the rasort and ramon should be from
the argus-2.0.2.beta releases, not the
argus-client.alpha releases.


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> Hi Carter!
> What is ramon's output with TopN?  How does it decide what to 
> use as a criteria (pkts vs. bytes)?
> I'm doing:
> ./ramon -M TopN -nr $HOME/tmp/testverysmall.010806
> thanks,
> david

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