long jumps not supported

Chas DiFatta chas at freeworks.com
Thu Jun 1 23:24:54 EDT 2000


I've been running into this for some time.  I really haven't
looked into the code to see where the limitation is and it's been
on the to-do list.  My workaround is to run a separate
ra for each filter stream in parallel, or if the filter is so
complex that I need to serialize it as you seem to do, I just
do a ,

	ra -nr argus.file -w - (big ass filter) | ra -n (yet another filter)

It's a hack but it works.


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> Dear folks,
> I am in the process of setting up my tcpdump-based filter to 
> perform basic 
> intrusion detection functions via "ra". The filter file documents all 
> traffic that is allowed, prefixed by a "not" as the outer-most 
> expression, 
> so that "ra" reports all traffic that should not be present.
> The filter file is approximately 700 characters long. I have reached a 
> point, however, where as soon as I add a new clause to the filter, "ra" 
> responds with the following error:
>    ra: expression: long jumps not supported
> Is my filter file too long for the program to handle? If so, how 
> do people 
> specify complex rules to the program?

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