BSDI compile questions again ;)

Alexander Bochmann ab at
Wed Feb 9 12:22:53 EST 2000


...on Wed, Feb 09, 2000 at 07:56:54AM -0800, Peter Van Epp wrote:

 > 	While we don't have a BSDI licence any more, on my FreeBSD box (same
 > basic code base as BSDI) I have an additional flag:

Well, this is BSDI 3.1, which is probably a bit more ancient than FreeBSD...

 > 	You probably need to have a look at the argus_etherent stuct definition
 > in the includes and see what system includes it is looking at (although with 
 > a quick grep in include I don't find a definition!).

Ah, obvious it's really not defined anywhere. After changing the definition 
to   struct pcap_etherent *ep;  (the same as in argus_next_etherent), the 
file compiles. As ETHER_SERVICE seems to be undefined on BSDI only, 
probably no one ever noticed...


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