Time stamps in argus records

Russell Fulton r.fulton at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Sep 23 17:16:26 EDT 1999

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999 08:23:00 -0700 Carter Bullard 
<cbullard at nortelnetworks.com> wrote:

> Hey Russell,
>    Combining multiple Argus records that belong to the same flow
> is done with raconnections().  Feed a days worth of  argus records
> into raconnections() and you should get single records for single
> connections with the start and last timestamps correct.

Right, I had forgotten raconnections! There is still one problem I 
think, and that is that my data is stored in hourly files and if I 
remember correctly none of the clients will read multiple files.

I know we have had this discussion before and I recognize that there 
will be problems if users feed files to client out of order but I 
strongly feel that the utility of having the data stored in managable 
chunks (eg. hourly) while retaining the ability to do long running 
analysis far out wieghs any problems.

What I suggest is a new flag ( -R ?) which gives the name of a file 
containing the list of input files.  I propose this rather than the 
usual list of filenames on the command line for two reasons: firstly we 
already have an undelimited string of tokens in the filter and secondly 
I want more flexibility in listing files than the shell globbing 

I will have a look at the client code today and see if I can figure out 
what is involved.

Cheers, Russell.

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