compiling argus on a BSDI box?

Alexander Bochmann bochmann at
Thu Sep 23 14:28:00 EDT 1999


has anyone tried to compile argus (-1.8) on a machine running BSDI 3? 

I have managed to compile at least the clients (the BSDI box here 
has the most diskspace and all the old argus data files are stored there), 
and I have encountered some minor problems (sorry, no diff's, because 
actually I have no clue about C programming and I should be preparing for 
my diploma right now instead of fiddling with software ;-) - but I have 
a short description...

It seems there is no struct ether_addr in netinet/if_ether.h on BSDI 3
I just added the following to cons_out.h:

#if defined(bsdi)
struct  ether_addr {
        u_char  ether_addr_octet[6];

(found in some include file on an OpenBSD machine :) ...)

should probably use mktime instead of timelocal on BSDI (just added an 
-Dtimelocal=mktime to the DEFS in the Makefiles for now).

uses ether_ntohost several times, which does not seem to exist on BSDI, 
so I just added something like an && !defined(bsdi) to the existing #if's 
surrounding these.

At least ra and raservices seem to work fine (didn't try much else yet)...


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