Small bug in argus 1.8

Carter Bullard cbullard at
Fri May 21 17:41:32 EDT 1999

Hey Russell,
   This one, I believe, has been eradicated, with some
other bug fixing work.  I'll send you, and the list,
an update 1.8 early next week (around Wed).  I believe
that I have gotten all the recommended updates into
the 1.8 code, except the universal date printing,
and of course, our Y2K compliance ;o).  That I should
have in by Wed.  Hopefully we are very close to code
freeze for 1.8.

Hope all is well,


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From: Russell Fulton [mailto:r.fulton at]
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 1999 6:44 PM
To: Carter Bullard
Subject: Small bug in argus 1.8

Hi Carter,
	  I notice that ra occasionally prints out IP addresses 
reversed as in the final address on the record below:

Fri 05/21 06:58:47     icmp        ->   
   1      0    host    URH

Ra and server both 1.8.  Linux debian2.0

Cheers, Russell.

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