Reversed udp addresses

Russell Fulton r.fulton at
Wed May 12 23:13:13 EDT 1999

Hi All,
	this is a followup to the message I sent to the list earlier 
today. I have been thinking about this a little more and another issue 
has occurred to me.

Unless I am mistaken (always possible, even probable ;-) when the 
server is not in detail mode and we have a udp flow which exchanged 
data in both directions then there is no way of knowing who initiated 
the exchange.  i.e. who sent the first packet.  

I assert that this is not a desirable state of affairs.

If I am right then the question remains: How best to tag the initiator 
of udp flows?

One posibility would be to set the source and destination for the flow 
from the first packet seen rather than on the magnitude of the port 
numbers as argus does now.

Any other thoughts?

Cheers, Russell.

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