[ARGUS] Malfunctioning of argus -S option for some pcaps

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Tue Jul 2 21:26:54 EDT 2019

Hey Hang,
The problem is that your packets are not in time order, so argus is doing the right thing.  Best example is around packet # 3848, where the packet timestamps jumps back 6.5 hours.  Nothing argus can do with that but tally the packets … and all the flows will be messed up for a little while, until the packet timestamps move ahead in front of the largest startime.  If you can get the packets sorted in time, then things should work fine.


> On Jul 2, 2019, at 4:19 PM, Hang Guo <hangguo at usc.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I found argus -S option malfunctioning for some pcaps. For example, when running argus -S 10 with the pcap attached (MAC and IP anamoyzed, payload dropped for privacy), instead of reportting every 5-tuple flows every 10 seconds, duration of some reported 5-tuple flows (as pasted below) are hundreds of seconds. Just wonder what is the possible cause and is there a fix to this?
> argus -S 10 -r dur_test_anon.pcapng -w - | ra -c "," -r - -s dur | sort -nr | head -5
> 4865.550781
> 296.601562
> 296.393066
> 294.411255
> 292.840790
> Thanks,
> -Hang 
> <dur_test_anon.pcapng>

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