Radium crashes after several days

Carter Bullard carter at qosient.com
Mon Sep 24 08:35:44 EDT 2018

Hey Mona,
Better to be using the latest software,, and debug that, if possible.  Not any current issues with radium instability that I’m aware of, so need more information.  I’d start by looking at syslog.  Look for core files, run with debugging turned on and finally running under gdb to capture any failures.

You don’t have to run radium as root, so taking the sudo out of your call may help a bit.
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> On Sep 24, 2018, at 7:58 AM, Monah Baki <monahbaki at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running argus and client 3.0.8 on Redhat 6 ES, with the following command 
> sudo  /usr/local/sbin/argus -m -U 256 -i eth2 -P 562 -d
> sudo /usr/local/sbin/radium -S localhost:562 -P 561 &
> after a couple of days, ps -ax does not show radium running just argus. How can I troubleshoot the cause?
> Thanks
> Monah
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